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Though water is considered a ubiquitous resource on earth, the access to clean & potable water has always been limited in Zimbabwe. Water supply boreholes happen to be the only reliable, powerful, and cost-effective means of water supply for domestic or commercial use.

And Victoria Borehole Exploration was established with over 25+ years of experience by a team of borehole drilling experts with a singular aim of providing safe, potable water for the people of Zimbabwe.

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Our Journey

Started off with enthusiastic a team of borehole drilling experts with a penchant to extract groundwater available, we are one of the first borehole drilling companies in Zimbabwe to import advanced high-performance and borehole drilling equipment for delivering the best extract output possible in Zimbabwe.And the quality is evident: over the years we have helped thousands of Zimbabweans get quick access to the natural groundwater supply using our borehole drilling services. We have also closely worked with many leading companies in Zimbabwe to help them meet their water requirement.

Victoria Borehole Explo - A perfect blend of brain and brawn:

At Victoria Borehole Drilling Harare, we are equipped with cutting-edge borehole drilling rigs and tools that are engineered for high- performance, better mobility, and quick set-up. We specialize in the most advanced “DTH-ROTARY” drilling method where we employ superior quality hydraulic super rigs imported from India, along with ELGi high capacity compressors.

Our professional experts and highly-skilled drill operators have been a part of the Victoria drilling family ever since its inception. This perfect blend of superior quality equipment and unmatched professional experience gives us an unprecedented advantage over our competitors to perfectly design and deliver the best borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe. This is also the reason why reliability and on-time delivery are the hallmarks of Victoria boreholes drilling company making us the most trusted borehole drilling company in Zimbabwe.

In addition to borehole drilling services Victoria Borehole Explo also specializes Re-deepening, Borehole flushing & Pump Installation Services in an effort to provide access to clean, potable natural water to as many people in Zimbabwe as possible at an affordable price point.

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