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If you are searching for borehole drilling companies in Zimbabwe with words ‘borehole drilling Zimbabwe’ and ‘borehole drilling Harare’, and Google has recommended you this page, then you are in safe hands. Equipped with a vision to help our citizens gain easy access to safe potable water, Victoria Borehole Exploration was established in the year 1995, and ever since we have been offering the best borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe.

At times when the borehole services in Zimbabwe were limited to basic drilling services with regular rigs and drilling equipment, Victoria Borehole Explo was one of the very first borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe to employ advance drilling rigs from India & South Korea along with cutting-edge drilling tools and components. And this has enabled us to provide easy access to clean potable water to millions of citizens in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Borehole and Exploration - Types of Drilling Methods:

Every project is like a specialized mission for us to deliver the best possible water yield within a specified time which is why we employ a variety of drilling methods based on geology.

Equipped with hydraulic super rigs from India, high-capacity ELGi compressors & Ashok Leyland trucks, we employ powerful ‘DTH-Rotary’ method of drilling that delivers exceptional results anywhere, anytime.

The most-advanced rotary method available for borehole drilling Harare in Zimbabwe, ‘DTH-Rotary’ is a robust drilling method that effortlessly advances through both soft and hard lithology. It delivers greater depth and diameter than any other conventional drilling methods and is very versatile in the way it adapts to different geological conditions.

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Borehole Drilling Costs in Zimbabwe

Each geological site is carefully assessed by our team to come up with the right drilling variation using the ‘DTH-Rotary’ method to deliver the best results possible. Currently, Victoria Borehole and Explo offers the following ‘DTH-Rotary’ drilling methods in Zimbabwe.

  • Air Drilling
  • Hydraulic Rotary (Mud Drilling)
  • Core Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Blast Hole Drilling

Air rotary drilling is used to drill boreholes is sites with possible rock formations. It uses air as a circulating medium to cool the drill bit and toss out the drill cuttings out of the hole to aid borehole integrity. Similarly, Hydraulic Rotary (Mud Drilling) uses drilling fluid to remove the cuttings, cool the drill bit, and stabilize the wall of the borehole. Mud drilling method is mostly used in geographical sites with possible soft sediments. Reverse circulation method is a drilling method where both impact and rotational energies are delivered the same as air drill rotary methods. But in the case of Reverse circulation method, the drill rods have dual walls through which the drill cuttings are transported out of the hole steadily making it easy to attain higher drilling speeds.

Reverse circulating requires less water, is more cost-effective, and is delivers efficient drilling services even in tougher conditions And blast-hole drilling is the most advanced borehole drilling methods where drilling is carried out through the rocks using detonations for construction of boreholes. Each of the above drilling methods is suitable best for specific geographical locations helping Victoria Borehole Explo deliver best borehole drilling services in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Borehole Drilling Cost

So how much does
it cost for borehole drilling in Zimbabwe?

The cost of the borehole drilling in Zimbabwe or for that matter any country depends on the particulars like type of drilling method employed, and number of feet drilled for water, and drilling equipment and tools used for the process. However, Victoria Borehole & Explo has made its name as the most trusted borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe for its excellent service at affordable price. So whatever may be the drilling methods, surely you can get the most economic price quote for your borehole drilling requirement in Harare Zimbabwe from
Victoria Borehole Explo. 
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Borehole Drilling Costs in Zimbabwe

Victoria Borehole Explo -
Best Borehole Drilling Company in Zimbabwe:

While our advanced Borehole drilling services have helped us generate excellent water yields, our reliable service and affordable price options have made it possible for us to work with a wide variety of sectors in Zimbabwe. At Victoria Borehole Explo we are experts in:

  • Domestic Boreholes
  • Commercial Boreholes
  • Industrial Boreholes
  • Agriculture Boreholes
  • Community Boreholes

For 25 years now, Victoria Borehole & Exploration is at the forefront of helping people in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Mali, Republic of Guinea access clean and potable water with our advanced, reliable and cost-efficient borehole drilling Harare.

If you are looking to construct borehole for domestic, agriculture, industrial, commercial, or community purposes and are searching for best borehole drilling companies in Harare, we can deliver your best possible water yield in the least amount time. You can contact Victoria Boreholes Drilling Company here at contact
Our other services include:
Borehole Flushing, Borehole Pump Installation, Borehole Re-Deepening

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