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Being the best borehole drilling company in Zimbabwe, Victoria Borehole Explo (VBE) has got a remarkable record of delivering the best borehole drilling services that give out excellent water yield over the years.

Though we have been able to lay the best boreholes that give out extraordinary yields for more than 25 years now, our effort to provide clean water to Zimbabwe doesn’t just stop there. In addition to constructing new boreholes in Zimbabwe, we also have a remarkable record in offering Best Borehole Flushing services in Zimbabwe to help people get clean and potable water from their boreholes.

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Borehole Flushing Zimbabwe:

Borehole water supply happens to be the most efficient and cleanest of all water supplies we have got access to, on planet earth. A professionally designed and carefully drilled borehole can be a source of clean water for many years if it is properly maintained.

In few cases, the pores of the aquifer inside the borehole can get clogged by slit & sand-sized particles or mineral deposits reducing the permeability of the aquifer making it difficult to pump water, thus reducing the water yield. This can happen over the course after prolonged usage of a borehole for years or it can happen quickly after just a couple of years depending upon a variety of factors. These particles that deter the water flow, may reduce the water yield, change its odour, colour, or even taste and hence must be removed as soon as possible to improve the water yield and quality. And this is what our borehole flushing Zimbabwe can help you accomplish quickly and efficiently at an affordable price point.

Borehole Flushing Services in Zimbabwe
- Get Extraordinary Water Yield & Recharge your Boreholes:

Using high-pressure water injection procedures with advanced air compressors and flushing tools, compressed air is passed into the borehole clearing out all the slit & sand, raw dust, decayed particles, mineral deposits, and other extraneous particles that are causing the borehole to clog. The borehole flushing process is continued until all the particles are cleared and a clean stream of water is pumped out of the borehole. After a borehole is thoroughly flushed you can enjoy a clean and boosted water yield that continues for years.

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The Best Borehole Drilling Company in Zimbabwe

Access to advanced and powerful borehole drilling rigs imported from India and South Korea and a team of borehole experts aided by skilled workforce has helped Victoria Borehole and Explo deliver the best borehole drilling and flushing services in Zimbabwe for 25 years now.

With unparalleled expertise in borehole drilling and flushing, VBE has delivered the best borehole drilling and flushing services in Zimbabwe for Industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural purposes. Even Google also ranks us pretty higher, recommending us to clients who search for borehole drilling companies in Zimbabwe with keywords ‘borehole drilling Zimbabwe’ and ‘borehole drilling Harare’.

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So if you are looking for flushing a borehole to improve your water yield and are looking for the best flushing services in Zimbabwe at an affordable price point, you can contact Victoria borehole drilling company here: