Best Borehole Re-deepening Services in Zimbabwe:

A borehole that has been a source of clean groundwater for years can suddenly decrease its water yield owing to a wide variety of conditions deep down the mother earth. This could range from a decline in the water resources in the aquifer to a lack of proper maintenance of the well structure.

The sediments and debris inside the well sometime could block the water pathway or the aquifer could be depleted or it could be the failure of the pump to draw-in the depleted water in the aquifer. Sometimes it could be the function of all the above reasons which soon manifests in the form of little to no water yield from the borehole.

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So does that mean you will have to drill a new borehole form your water requirements?

Absolutely Not!

Victoria Borehole Explo, the best borehole drilling company in Zimbabwe has come up with the right solution to improve your water yield that without having to drill a new borehole.

Our Solution: Borehole Re-deepening

Being one of the best borehole drilling companies in Zimbabwe, Victoria Borehole Explo holds the record of drilling high-performance water boreholes for domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial purposes across Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Mali, and the Republic of Guinea.

 Leveraging the cutting-edge drilling rigs imported from India & South Korea, we have been able to deliver high water yields for every borehole project in Zimbabwe. And now we would like to further extend our services by offering Best Redeepening Services in Zimbabwe.

Borehole Re-deepening Services in Zimbabwe:

Our borehole drilling experts start the process by identifying the causes of the decrease in the water yield to come up with the right plan to refresh and Re-deepen the borehole with our advanced drilling rigs and tools. Since the original boreholes were drilled considering all the requirements, it is more beneficial if the borehole is deepened to improve the water yield. This way you could save your time and cost while leveraging all the benefits of the old borehole at your location.
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Close inspection of the hole followed by removal of debris and cogging deposits, disinfecting the borehole could be performed based on the specific requirements of the client. Our borehole drilling experts with the help of our high-powered drilling rigs and tools performed the re-deepening until the sufficient water yield is achieved.

The decrease or compete absence in water yield is a function of multiple issues from obstruction caused by clogged materials and debris or geological problems caused by remote locations. And we have successfully solved all types of borehole problems over the years. Having served hundreds of clients in Zimbabwe with our Borehole drilling services, Victoria Borehole Explo is the best borehole drilling company in Zimbabwe with unparalleled experience in repairing and re-deepening boreholes in Zimbabwe.

Leveraging our rich experience, advanced skill set, and cutting-edge drilling rigs and tools, we can deliver 100% efficiency in improving the water yield of your borehole and its productivity at a fraction of cost.

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